Wordpress Malware Removal - Albuquerque - WordPress Virus Removal

How did a virus get onto the website

Malware attacks comes from number of reasons, the most common are:
  • using a free template downloaded from an insecure source
  • out of date WordPress version
  • out of date plugin and/or insecure plugin
  • file permissions set insecurely
  • ftp hijacked by virus
  • insecure hosting
  • poor choice of username or password

WordPress malwares & Security

WordPress is constantly being exploited by hackers. They are not looking for e-commerce websites or online credit cards to steal. Hackers use “worms” to infect websites and use them to create “spoof addresses” for various types of fraud as well as to execute DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attacks. However, if the right security procedures are applied, the chances of being hacked will be reduced.

Our WordPress Malware & Virus Removal service includes:

  • Diagnosis of website
  • Remove malicious code
  • Clean infected database
  • Check for vulnerabilities
  • Check file permissions
  • Reset all passwords
  • Apply security layers
  • Update website

If your WordPress website has been hacked and infected with a malware or virus, We will fix it! We specialize in WordPress Malware & Virus Removal. We will remove the malware, clean your website clean and prevent future attacks making your web site more secured than before.